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Oshkosh 2003
Magni-USA repeated 2002 by receiving one of
two Ken Brock Outstanding Workmanship Awards
at the AirVenture 2003.
Texas 2002
Magni-USA received the Reserved Grand Champion Two-Place  trophy at the PRA Convention held in Texas in May. Greg Gremminger flew his Magni M-16 from Missouri to the convention in Waxahachie, Texas.
Oshkosh 2002
Magni-USA received one of two Ken Brock Outstanding Workmanship Awards at the AirVenture 2002 on July 27 for his M-16 trainer. 
 Greg Gremminger flew the Magni to the convention from Perryville, Mo. and flew at the convention during the rotorcraft fly time each day on the ultralight field. There was a change this year....homebuilt rotorcraft were allowed to fly down "show center" a few times during the convention. With the exception of Joe Boren who flew his KB3 as a tribute to Ken Brock during two of the airshows, the Magni was the only other gyro flying. Let's see the score...10,000 fixed wing aircraft, eight homebuilt helicopters....and two gyros!
Oshkosh 2001
Magni-USA received the Grand Champion-Rotorcraft  trophy at AirVenture 2001 on August 4 for its M-16 trainer. 
 Greg Gremminger flew the Magni from Perryville, Mo. to the PRA Convention in Mentone, Ind., the week of  July 16. From Mentone, he flew to Oshkosh for the EAA fly-in. The return trip to Perryville on Aug. 5 took about 7 hours and he covered somewhere in the neighborhood of 1100 miles total. (top photo at right pictures Greg and his trophy beside the M-16; bottom photo, Rotorcraft chairman Geoff Downey congratulates Greg)

Sun 'n Fun 2000
 Magni Gyro and Magni-USA are pleased to announce that the Magni
M-16 trainer was selected as "Best Gyroplane" at the Experimental Aircraft Association's 2000 Sun 'n Fun Fly-in. Pictured at left are Vittorio Magni (left) and Greg Gremminger, U.S. distributor for Magni gyros. Pictured at right, Gremminger receives his award from the Sun 'n Fun Rotorcraft Chairman. 

Mentone 2000
 Gremminger picked up three awards at the 2000 International PRA Convention at Mentone, Ind. He won "Best Commercial;" "Longest Distance Flown in a Rotorcraft" -- He flew from his home base in Perryville, Mo. (305 miles), making it his sixth consecutive trip flying to the PRA convention; and "Pilot and Machine Award" --this award is voted on by fellow pilots who award one of their own for best exemplifying the spirit of sport rotorcraft. Gremminger is pictured here at the awards banquet 
 with his wife Steph.