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Fully Enclosed, 2-Seater

According to the Greek mythology, Orion was the most handsome and imposing of men. It is from this myth that the M-24 takes its name and position within the whole Magni Gyro line of models.
The M-24 Orion is a fully enclosed, side by side two seat, dual control model specially designed for those who do not want to go without comfort when having fun.
The external lines of the fuselage perfectly embody the famous Magni Gyro style. The enclosure design, the interior arrangement, and the large windscreen and side windows, offers excellent panoramic field of view. The large side doors provide easy access to the roomy cabin. The clean, un-cluttered, all-composite cabin design reflects the Magni reputation for elegant chromatic precision and meticulous attention in developing each feature. Large carbon fiber instrument panels provide a dynamic contrast to enhance the perception of the roomy cabin while providing a perfect backdrop for a large variety of available standard and available instruments. Efficient ventilation provides refreshing cabin cooling in the Summer and cabin heat in the cooler months. The M-24 Orion is equipped with two baggage compartments.  The first compartment is “hidden” under the right seat cushion, the second on the outside allows the visual fuel level check.
The M24 is powered by the Rotax 914 turbo (115 HP) engine. The 21 gallon. fuel tank assures up to 4 hours of flight at a cruise speed between 90 and 105 mph. The M-24 Orion is the ideal gyro to enjoy all season flying fun.

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Empty weight (914) 285 Kg (629 lb.)
Maximum take-off gross wt - USA 550 Kg (1212 lb.)  (Note: European "ultralight" limitations are 450 Kg)
Useful Load - USA 280 Kg (583 lb.)
Maximum speed 105 mph
Cruising speed 90 mph
Absolute ceiling 4000 m (13,000 ft)
Service ceiling 3500 m (11,400 ft)
Take-off roll 70 m (230 ft)
Landing roll from 0 to 30 m (0 to 100 ft)
Rate of climb 5 m/s (950 ft/min)
Fuel tank capacity 82 lt (21 gal)
Endurance 3.0 h (with 1/2 hour reserve)
Range (no reserve) 300 miles
Rotor diameter 8535 mm (28 ft)
Propeller diameter 1700 mm (67 inch)
Overall width 1800 mm (71 inch)
Overall lenght 4655 mm (184 inch)
Overall height 2600 mm (103 inch)
Airframe: Chrome-alloy aeronautical 4130 steel, tig welded. Carbon fiber fuselage and instrument panel. Fiberglass tail, landing gear and wheel pants.
Seat: Padded with integral 21 gallon fuel-tank manufactured in epoxy resin reinforced with fiberglass.
Engine: 914 Rotax Turbo, 4 cylinders, 4-stroke, water-cooled, 115 hp with electric starter and mechanical prerotator.
Propeller: Arplast 67 inch three-blade carbon fiber with ground adjustable pitch.
Rotor: 28 ft diameter, two-blade, composite materials manufactured by Magni Gyro.
Controls: Dual, all steel linkage, all ball bearing joints.
Trim Electric
  • Electric Starter
  • Airpeed Indicator
  • Altimeter
  • EIS Instrument Monitor
  • Vertical Card Magnetic Compass
  • Fuel Level Indicator
  • Prerotator capable of 200 - 300 RRPM
  • Rotor Brake
  • Rotor RPM Tachometer
  • Wheel Brakes and Wheel Pants
  • Landing Light
  • Electric Trim - Left Seat
  • 21 gallon Fuel Tank
  • Arplast Propeller
  • Magni Rotor
OPTIONS: (factory available)

  • Com Radio
  • Transponder
  • GPS
  • Strobe and NAV lights
  • 12 Volt Power outlet - cigarette type
  • Variometer