M24C PLUS achieves certification for night flight operations

Today Magni Gyro celebrates a new and extremely important milestone! Thanks to the recent certification obtained in the UK - AAN 29276 Addendum 2 - the M24C PLUS is now authorised to perform night flight operations. The modification includes the introduction of a dedicated 'avionics suite', suitably adapted instrument panels and new internal and external lights to enable the aircraft to operate under Night VFR. 

M24C PLUS gyroplane stands out for its combination of state-of-the-art technology and ergonomic design, making it a versatile and safe aircraft. The successful certification for night flight operations is the result of years of development, testing and optimisation, demonstrating the unwavering commitment of the entire Magni Gyro staff to the pursuit of excellence in light aviation. 

This success has been greeted with excitement by pilots, aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike, as they see an increase in the possibilities of using gyroplanes in a wide range of applications, from training in night VFR conditions to aerial surveillance and environmental observation.   

In fact, the result demonstrates how technological innovation can expand the possibilities of gyroplane use, contributing to the safety, effectiveness and versatility of aerial operations. Making its way into the world of night VFR operations in an accessible and dynamic manner, the M24C PLUS is just the beginning of a new wave of Magni Gyro developments.