For our Pilot of the Month section, today we talk about the AIR BLEU ULM Le Mans flying school, where our friend and pilot instructor David Morin likes to share and transmit his passion for flying to hundreds of people who can enjoy breathtaking views, including an absolutely stunning view of one of the world's most famous circuits!

-Hi David, let's start with a classic but very interesting question! Why did you decide to become a gyro pilot and instructor?

I started with trikes at the age of 15 and then continued with multi-axes. I started being an instructor early on, as the desire to transmit the art of flying turned into a passion too great to be ignored! In the 2000s I discovered gyroplanes and, thanks to my love for ultralights, it seemed obvious to me to continue with gyroplanes and become an instructor in this class as well.

This ultralight offers so many possibilities: it is easily accessible even to those who have never flown before, thanks to the absence of turbulence, and for more experienced pilots, on the other hand, it proves to be a very playful and versatile aircraft, suitable for various purposes.   


- What is the most beautiful trip you have made in a gyro?

I have not made very long trips, but I have crossed France from East to West and North to South. I also flew regularly in the mountains, particularly with M16. Flying a gyroplane in the mountains and being able to land in areas where no one had put down their skis... that was also a great experience! I then crossed the Alps several times, an incredible spectacle. Meeting friends at the other end of France, visiting the many and varied regions of our beautiful country, these are all great pleasures that drive me to travel regularly by gyro and to share these experiences with my student pilots, to pass on the desire for adventure to them.

- Tell us about your Air Bleu Ulm school!  

AIR BLEU ULM was founded in 1993. The school is located at Le Mans Airport, right next to the 24 Hours circuit. As a maintenance centre, we welcome many aircraft from all over France. We are then available to travel for work at our customers' sites. We have more than forty students a year, carry out hundreds of flights and spend many hours flying the skies! We regularly organise trips, rallies and introductions to competitions (AIR BLEU ULM is French champion 2014 - 2017 and inter-regional champion several times), theory courses and theory-practice sessions that bring together experienced pilots and new students, ready to exchange their experiences, all culminating in beautiful convivial evenings! Finally, AIR BLEU ULM is an instructor training centre in partnership with a centre in the south of France.

- Future projects?

We have a fleet of 3 gyroplanes: M22, M24 and M16 PLUS, but we are not stopping there! We want to expand our structure and establish ourselves as a professional aviation operator in western France.

Would you like to meet David and enjoy a unique experience on board his gyros while admiring breathtaking views?

Visit http://www.airbleu-ulm.fr/